About Robert Casady

Robert Casady is an award-winning composer, orchestrator and arranger. His music has appeared in short films, corporate videos, websites and numerous video games. He is regarded for his highly original, evocative scores that combine traditional orchestration with current electronic elements. His music spans a broad range of styles and frequently combines genres into a seamless blend.

In his own words: “I am obsessed with sonority...with the emotional properties of a tone, a chord, a melody. I am endlessly fascinated by the ways in which tone quality affects the listener. A musical recording can be manipulated to provoke a certain response: EQ a piano one way and it can sound positive and uplifting. Process those same notes in a different way and it can sound distant and cold. These subtle adjustments contribute to the overall experience and help to immerse the listener in the music--or whatever the music happens to be describing.”

Casady has over 30 video games to his credit, including
Hotel Transylvania 2: The Game, Call of the Wildman: Backwoods Rescue, Santa’s Village, Freaky Creatures, and the soon-to-be-released The Feud. His games have appeared on a variety of platforms, both console and digital.

In 2016, he released his first solo effort, the EP
First Light, that combines ambient, electronica, and cinematic genres.

Working out of his own project studio (powered by Apple computers and Mark of the Unicorn’s Digital Performer DAW), Casady utilizes state-of-the-art sample libraries and sound design utilities. When actual acoustic forces are needed, he has extensive experience working with live musicians (the orchestral score for
Casper: Spirit Dimensions was recorded in Prague with members of the Prague Philharmonic).

Among the accolades he has received over the years is the
Game Audio Network Guild award for Best Children's Audio for his rousing score to Tonka: Rescue Patrol.